Reviews for Body Shock

BY : frozenkisses

  • From Randomwhorcrux on February 10, 2011

    Crap, I've read this fic so many times and I've never reviewed! I feel like crap for not doing so, because it's a rule of mine. Anyways, I did enjoy the story immensely in spite of the long winded emotional critique someone has given it, but the thing that bugged me was the 'open ending'. I would have expected Ichigo to be overrun with so much emotion as to beat the crap out of Kon even if he had been in his body at the time. I still liked it though and wish you hadn't given up on writing. =)

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  • From bloodredrosez on August 31, 2010

    Okay, I forgot to mention that the last review was for Chapter 11, as I guess AFFN doesn't show the chapter. But if I had any hope that the next couple chapters would address any of the things I wrote about in my review, this subsequent chapter pretty much killed it. Let me get this straight, Rukia was tricked as much as Ichigo - if not more, considering she's the one who actually went through it and all HE had to do was deal with knowing about it - and yet she's begging HIM for forgiveness? Way to support your girlfriend, loser. Secondly, what is all this about Rukia betraying him, plus more of the Rukia "I should have know!" wailing? Kon betrayed both of them. I can't believe Ichigo didn't tell Rukia to shut up about this betraying him business, not to mention needing to prove that he still wanted her - well, if he didn't, he'd really be a total jackass. All of this is so Ichigo centric. His feelings are hurt. Rukia's the one who has to face that she slept with an entirely different person, but his hurt feelings take precedence over hers? If anything, he should be asking her to forgive him for reacting like that and clearly hurting her by rejecting her right when she needed his emotional support most.

    Eh, well, I honestly don't know what happened over the last two chapters, as I felt like I've been sucked into an alternate dimension of this story. This is so OOC, the reactions are almost unrecognizable. I guess I should've expected it from the beginning since this has always been a heavily lemon-centered fic, but seriously? The saddest part is that I bet 99% of your other readers and reviewers didn't have a problem with it. They were probably too busy drooling and writing "thiz is HAWT!!11!!!" over the Kon/Rukia and Ichigo/Rukia scenes - which yes, were excellent, but well, I won't even bother looking through the reviews for this story to see how other people reacted. For me, though, this story had so much potential and genuinely good writing, but the last two chapters just kind of killed it. I'm sorry this review has been so negative and I feel like I might have just left the first two flames ever in my life over 9 years of fanfiction reading/writing, but it was too frustrating to keep it to myself.

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  • From bloodredrosez on August 31, 2010

    You know, I really liked this story up until this chapter. Reading through the Kon and Rukia scene was painful, but I know it's the main plot of this story aside from the developing romance between Ichigo and Rukia, so I still admired how you were able to do it. But the thing is, I don't think Rukia or Ichigo could really react this way - in my mind, what Kon did was more or less rape. No, he didn't physically force Rukia, but it's the equivalent of sleeping with your friend's girlfriend while she thinks it's you. Would Rukia have ever consented? No. Did she have any choice? No. What's worse is that she was tricked into thinking she consented. The fact that she found out only afterward doesn't lessen the crime or really take away the fact that out of everyone here, she would have suffered the most.

    As much as I understand that you're trying to work toward some peaceful resolution here, if Kon had really done what he did in this story, I really doubt that Ichigo could forgive him in any way, any more than he would, say, forgive Ulquiorra for "persuading" Orihime to join the arrancars. What I really don't understand is Rukia's reaction to the revelation. Okay, she just found out that she slept with Kon. She's feeling betrayed, used, angry, hurt. But she's okay with him and all she does is tell him to leave? She doesn't even have any sort of confrontation with him? No matter how much sympathy I try to have for Kon as a mod soul, as someone without his own body, as being kicked around and abused by Ichigo - it's downright hilarious that he's the one accusing Ichigo of not having a shred of decency when he's done the equivalent of mind raping Rukia...and no, I don't use the word "rape" lightly. I can't imagine any real world scenario that really end with this kind of reconcilement scene, although yes, I can see them working toward forgiveness, but in a matter of years. I just don't see how you can work it both ways - either that night meant a great deal to Rukia, and therefore she would react very strongly and negatively to the fact that she'd emotionally and physically given herself to someone she never otherwise would have accepted, OR it didn't mean so much that she would react so badly, but then that also implies that her relationship with Ichigo really wasn't all that special / she's accepting of the fact that Kon did this to her. What's even more disturbing is this whole "she should have known" part, since that's pretty much victim mentality 101, and the way that you've juxtaposed the scene of Rukia's thinking of this with Ichigo's reconciliation with Kon makes it almost seem as if it's okay to blame the victim, so to speak. I know you almost certainly don't mean it that way and will probably resolve this in the next few chapters when Ichigo talks to Rukia, but I'm just pointing out that right here, as of this chapter, that is what it seems like and that really leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling. Granted, I've known real life survivors and such, so that may skew my perception of "harmless fanfiction" but as your story is pretty wonderful in all other aspects and since you've introduced a serious topic, I think a serious response is not too out of line. (In other words, yes I know there is non-con stories on this site, tentacle sex, gang rape, etc. but it's not like the authors are writing philosophical rationalizations of "it's better to forgive and forget" for it, as the whole thing with Chad suggests.)

    Ethically, I think all the above are serious issues and while I admire your writing very much and do enjoy this story, I thought this really merited this incredibly long review. I know you probably aren't too happy to be reading this right now as I'm not exactly full of praise, but please at least realize that a) if I didn't care, I wouldn't bother writing all this and b) I might be critical, but I do believe these things warrant closer scrutiny.

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  • From gokusgirl on July 19, 2007

    I have to admit, I HATED that Kon tricked Rukia... I couldn't bear to read the entire chapter it sickened me so. But I'm certainally happy you made the element work for this story. Conflict was needed in this story line, and hell, what better way than that? This is a very well written story, and I'm sorry that you're not going to do any more multi-chapters, but I hope you'll do more Bleach fanfiction with this pair (Ichigo and Rukia mind you, NOT Kon and Rukia. Had to throw that one in there as punishment, heh heh). You have an awesome talent and it'd be a shame if you let it go to waste!! And there isn't enough M/F Bleach stories out here... I simply hate the yoai. I hate all yoai, actually. But enough about me... good work! Do more please!!!!


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  • From Tiger5913 on June 27, 2007

    Wow, I truly loved this fic. I'm so happy to finally see a multi-chapter length IchiRuki story with so many lovemaking scenes in it. ^_^ Please write more IchiRuki lemons!

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  • From ANON - Anon on May 13, 2007





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  • From Philippa MaQuente on April 03, 2007

    ........Wow. I can't even BEGIN to say how hot this story is. There are no words.

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  • From ANON - M.R.B. on January 08, 2007

    This is amazing story you have here. It is my very first Bleach story I ever read on this site, and I am glad of it.

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  • From ANON - ninjakitty on January 06, 2007

    very well done.

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  • From ANON - bleachfan3456345345 on November 27, 2006

    this was a really good story, but the ending left much to be desired. i think you should do a sequel. e-mail me if you do

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  • From ANON - Mitsuyo on June 23, 2006

    Beautifully written. You're one of the most expressive and most understanding authors I've ever seen. You wrote as if you WERE Ichigo and the others. The characters were never out of place, and the characters evolved slowly, but surely in later chapters. "Body Shock" is a fantastic, syncronized piece. Thank you for writing this! THANK YOU!

    You've made me an eternal fan.

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  • From ANON - A Reader on February 01, 2006

    Fantastic story, very well written. The Imagry and dialouge was fantasticly done and really brought the characters to life.

    That said, I hated chap 12. Ichigo is deep down a good person, but he's not a fucking saint.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of this story in the future.

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  • From ANON - Kira-chan on January 26, 2006

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned this yet, but I really liked the hints of an Orihime/Ishida/Tatsuki love triangle. I'd love to see a fic where this is further explored...

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  • From ANON - Cherry_Wolf on December 11, 2005

    I love you!! That was extremely well written and extremely hot! I loved the idea of Kon(in Ichigo's body) having sex with Rukia. Another thing I like was how you had Rukia experiment with herself. Only because I can really picture Rukia being curious about it, and adding the affect of her wanting Ichigo put the icing on the cake.

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  • From ANON - DeronsDemonGurl on November 11, 2005

    It was a really great story. You should write a sequel. Tellin more of Ichigo and Rukia, and Ishida and Orihime. jus a suggestion. Thanx for writing this story it was great.

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